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Are you aspiring to study at prestigious universities in the United States? Looking for the best SAT coaching in Delhi to help you achieve your dream score? Look no further! Tathastu Education is the Best SAT Coaching in Delhi, dedicated to guiding students toward excellence in the SAT exam.

Unleash your SAT potential with Tathastu Education, We provide the Best SAT coaching in Kohat Enclave, Delhi. Our expert trainers and personalized approach empower you with essential skills and strategies to excel in the SAT exam. With small batch sizes, interactive sessions, and regular mock tests, we ensure your continuous progress and boost your confidence. Our proven track record of success and numerous students admitted to top universities are a testament to our excellence. Choose Tathastu Education for the Best SAT coaching In Delhi experience, and pave your way to academic success in prestigious institutions across the globe.


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Why You Should Take the Best Sat Coaching in Delhi, India: from the Finest Coaching Centre! ​

At Tathastu Education, we understand the significance of the SAT in shaping your academic future. With a team of highly experienced and certified trainers, we offer personalized coaching to cater to the unique needs of each student. Our student-centric approach and result-oriented strategies have earned us the reputation of being the best SAT coaching in Delhi. Our students feel proud by being a part of us. And we are proud of our reputation in our profession.

We Have Experienced and Certified Trainers

Our SAT trainers are experts in their fields, with extensive knowledge of the SAT exam format, question types, and evaluation criteria. Their experience in coaching and mentoring students ensures that you receive top-notch guidance to reach your target SAT score.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Our Best SAT coaching in Delhi encompasses a comprehensive course curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the SAT exam. From critical reading and writing skills to mathematical concepts, we provide a well-structured program to strengthen your foundations and improve your performance in each section.

Small Batch Size for Personalized Attention

To ensure that every student receives personal attention, we maintain small batch sizes. This allows our trainers to focus on your strengths and weaknesses, providing personalized feedback and guidance to enhance your SAT preparation.

Interactive Learning Environment

At Tathastu Education, we believe that an engaging and interactive learning environment fosters better comprehension and retention. Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids and technology, creating a conducive atmosphere for effective learning.

Regular Mock Tests and Performance Analysis

Practice is the key to success, and at Tathastu Education, we emphasize the importance of mock tests. We conduct regular mock SAT tests that simulate the actual exam conditions. Through detailed performance analysis, we identify areas that need improvement, helping you fine-tune your strategies for the final exam.

Customized Study Material

Our SAT coaching in Delhi includes customized study materials, crafted to simplify complex concepts and boost your SAT preparation. These materials complement classroom teachings and provide additional resources for self-study.

Time Management Techniques

Effective time management is crucial in the SAT exam. Our trainers impart time management techniques to help you optimize your time during the test, enabling you to attempt all sections and questions within the allotted time.

Real-time Doubt Clearing Services

As part of our SAT coaching, we provide real-time doubt-clearing sessions. This allows you to seek immediate clarifications on any concepts or questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Comprehensive Practice Sessions

Our SAT coaching includes extensive practice sessions to reinforce your learning. Regular practice on a wide range of SAT questions enhances your problem-solving abilities and boosts your confidence.


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Aryan Malhotra

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Vrinda Jain

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Tathastu Education: Take the Best SAT Coaching in Pitampura, Delhi

Unlock your SAT success with Tathastu Education, the ultimate destination for the Best SAT Coaching in Pitampura. Our expert trainers, personalized attention, and comprehensive course curriculum ensure you are well-equipped to tackle the SAT with confidence. We provide a supportive and interactive learning environment, coupled with regular mock tests to track your progress effectively. With a focus on strengthening your critical reading, writing, and mathematical skills, we guide you toward achieving your target score. Join Tathastu Education for the Best SAT Coaching in Delhi, India, and embark on a journey to secure admission to renowned universities worldwide. Your academic dreams await realization with us by your side.


Kunal Shokeen
Kunal Shokeen
Friendly and supportive nature💖 I am glad that I choose this consultancy ❤️ I enrolled here for IELTS classes Surbhi mam and Devender sir are very supportive and approachable. Their way of teaching is so good and statergy is also excellent. They ask all students for study at institute after the classes from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm and help them to improve band score. With the help of feedback on my weekly mocktest, I am able to improve myself.I hope I will get band of 7 in my IELTS exam Thank sir and mam for all you have done for me❣️
Harsh Deswal
Harsh Deswal
I joined tathastu education. I took classes from Surbhi mam and Devender sir . My experience is overwhelming. The practice classes helped me very much to enhance my reading ,writing and speaking. If you are searching a good institution for your IELTS, SAT and GMAT tathastu is the best platform to help you . I personally pefer it to my all known . Thank you Surbhi mam and Devender sir and all tathastu members ☺️
suchi chauhan
suchi chauhan
My tenure of learning with Tathastu has been incredible. Devender Sir is the best tutor one could have. He aligns the teachings and assignments keeping the goals of the respective student in mind. Sir made my journey of Gmat Prep so easy last year and all thanks to him, I made it to my dream college 🙂 Thank you so much Devender Sir for all the help and guidance throughout. In case you are planning to taken up Gmat, SAT or GRE, TathastuEdu is your one stop solution!
Tushar Maini
Tushar Maini
It wasn’t a good experience studying with them and class room size was small, staff is supportive and good. They do tell every student to give 5 rating in Google that’s why high rating.
Samarth Bhutani
Samarth Bhutani
I took SAT coaching from Tathaastu. Devender sir did an amazing job in explaining the concepts easily which were otherwise difficult to comprehend. The online lectures were interactive and the homework contained plently of questions. The faculty closely monitored our performance in mocks and gave us tips. I was really sattisfied with the SAT prep so I decided to go with Tathastu for college application as well and Devender sir did an excellent job in that as well I would recommend tathaastu for SAT prep as well as the college application process
Sanyam dahiya
Sanyam dahiya
Grateful to Tathaastu Edu and Devender Sir for guiding and teaching me through the preparation phase.. By advantage of having experienced faculty and great content for both sections quantitative and verbal , I was not terrified when the tough problems starting coming in the real exam.They are doing amazing job!!
Kartik Vasudev
Kartik Vasudev
They deliver what they Claim . Excellent Faculty who provide complete guidance to their students along with motivation which helps the students to score Good . Small batch strength allows the students for one on one interaction with the faculty and even sir can pay personal attention to each and every students . Many informative videos and handouts are provided to students for better understanding of Concepts . Regular Doubt sessions and test series is their USP which makes them better from various other institutes. Tathaastu Edu taught me everything I needed to know for the test. The videos were fantastic and allowed me to go at my own pace. Provided materials and practice problems helped me see just about every type of possible problem I would get on the test. I Strongly Recommend Tathaastu Edu for GMAT.

Receive the Best Sat Coaching in Rohini, Delhi: at Tathastu Education

Embark on your SAT success journey with Tathastu Education, the premier destination for the best SAT coaching in Rohini. Our knowledgeable instructors and personalized instruction guarantee a thorough comprehension of SAT ideas and tactics. We concentrate on boosting your confidence and performance by focusing on developing critical reading, writing, and mathematics abilities through small batch sizes, interactive sessions, and routine mock examinations. Our accomplishment in achieving high SAT scores and getting accepted into universities speaks eloquently about our excellence. Join Tathastu Education for top-notch SAT tutoring to gain access to outstanding educational opportunities at prestigious schools throughout the world. We are here to help you at every stage of the process as you work towards your SAT achievement.

School Workshops

Venkateshwara Global School, Rohini

Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar

The Sovereign School, Rohini

Maharaja Agarsain Public School

Excel in Your Sat Exam: with the Best Sat Coaching in Kohat Enclave, Delhi

Unleash your SAT potential with Tathastu Education, the Best SAT Coaching in Kohat Enclave. You are given the tools and techniques you need to succeed on the SAT exam by our knowledgeable instructors and personalized approach. We assure your continual growth and build your confidence with small batch sizes, engaging sessions, and frequent mock exams. We succeed because of our established track record of achievement and the large number of students we have admitted to prestigious colleges. Make your road to academic achievement in top schools throughout the world by selecting Tathastu Education for the greatest SAT coaching experience. We are the ideal ally for your SAT objectives.

What Parents Say

Saksham’s Parents

Commitment and well-defined process

Saksham approached us quite late, in September end, for his SAT prep. The application deadlines were just around the corner then. We took up the challenge and worked hard with the student. Our collective efforts paid off as Saksham not online performed good but he also bagged three admits from very prestigious universities in the USA, including the University of California, Davis.

We understand that not all parents are aware of the abroad admission process, hence we take the responsibility to explain the entire process in detail even before enrolling with us. You are invited for a one-on-one chat to understand the SAT prep and admission process.

Thousands of Students Trust Us For


You need a mentor who could design your preparation, teach concepts and create customized strategies.

SAT Specific Content

Loads of SAT material is floating on the web but sadly majority of that is trash. Tathastu provides you the best and the SAT specific material that is directly tested by the SAT exam.


Preparing for the SAT with your job/college ain’t easy. The SAT is not an easy exam. Scoring 700+ demands your genuine efforts. Your everyday schedule, assignments, targets must be very clear, and here comes Tathastu to assist you at every step.


The biggest hurdle is lack of motivation and perseverance. Tathastu could help you overcome your such fears. Our instructor goes beyond the regular teaching. Everyone needs Motivation

Study Abroad, SAT Coaching Institute Delhi

The Mentors

Slide - 1
Mr. Devender

Role(s): Lead Instructor, Lead Application Consultant.

Own Score: GMAT 740(Q50, V40)

Expertise: Verbal, Quant, Applications.

Teaches: GMAT, GRE, SAT.

Experience: 9-year (Education Consultancy), 7-year (IT Industry).

Education: Master’s Degree (Computer Science).

Results: Highest number of 700+ scorers in GMAT, 325+ scorers in GRE,  1400+ scorers in SAT.

Students admitted to: U of Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Toronto, UBC, York, Manchester, Warwick and

Slide - 2
Ms. Amanpreet Kaur

Roles: Instructor, Senior Application Consultant.

Own Score: IELTS 8.5(R, W, L, S )

Expertise: Verbal, Applications.

Teaches: GRE, SAT, IELTS.

Experience: 5 (Education Consultancy).

Education: PGDM (Canada).

Results: Highest number of 7+ band scorers in IELTS in Delhi/NCR.

Slide - 3
Ms. Ila

Roles: Instructor, Career Counselor, Senior Application Consultant.

Expertise: Verbal, Applications, Career Counseling.

Teaches: GRE, SAT, IELTS.

Experience: 4-year (Education Consultancy), 3(HR, Hiring)

Education: MBA.

Slide - 4
Dr. Rajesh

Role: Lead Application/ Admission Consultant.

Expertise: Applications/ Admissions.

Experience: 22-year (Education Consultancy) 10-year+ (As professor).

Education:  Phd (University of Cincinnati, USA), MA (St. Stephens, DU).

Students admitted to: Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Berkeley, Northwestern, HEC Paris, INSEAD, LBS, LSE, UCL, Toronto, NUS, NTU and the list goes on.

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Join Tathastu Education for The Best SAT Coaching in Delhi, India

At Tathastu Education, we believe in nurturing the potential of each student and guiding them toward their academic goals. Our reputable and Best SAT Coaching in Delhi provides a comprehensive and effective program to ensure your success in the SAT exam.
Join us, and let’s embark on a journey to unlock your full potential and secure your place in esteemed universities in the United States.
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