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Study Material

Handouts for all Verbal topics
Handouts for all Quantitative topics
700 – 800 level question bank
Extra practice material/handouts for important topics

Test & Doubts

Handouts for all Verbal topics
Handouts for all Quantitative topics
700 – 800 level question bank
Extra practice material/handouts for important topics

We bring to you the best of the Classroom Setups in Delhi!

We provide our students the best-in-class services for MBA admissions consulting & application review services. Mentors at our institute go their way out to make sure that you achieve your targeted scores. At out classroom sessions we practice, ‘All work and some play makes Jack and Jill brighter’. So, our teachers make sure to keep the interest alive throughout the class with their sense of humour whilst extending their full support to each student.

What You Will Get from Our LIVE Online?

  •  Ours is the most interactive and seamless online learning platform.
  •  Our instructors can be seen in studio-grade videos.
  •  Each course is built using the most advanced, effective technologies.
  •  All the courses/lectures are based on actual exam questions and are updated regularly in line with the latest principles.
  •  Our teachers ensure that even the driest of study materials are made interesting.
  •  You can work remotely with your teacher using screen-sharing software.
  •  We give timed homework/assignment problems to practice what you will learn.

Features of Our LIVE Online


The technology that we use for creating our courses is innovative. With our communicating courses we have set a new standard for LIVE Online GMAT preparation.


We call our LIVE Online GMAT Group Sessions Anywhere-Any-Device Courses. You can access the courses from anywhere in the world on your phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops and participate in group hangouts.


You do not need to bother about travelling to institutes. With our LIVE Online Group Sessions, you can be a part of discussion even from the comforts of your home or your office, which further means you will not need to leave your jobs!

High Definition Video Lessons

Our video lessons are designed by expert instructors using the cutting-edge technology and so our videos are high definition that ensure you are engaged in the group sessions without disruptions.

Progressive Learning Architecture

Our Online Group Sessions are designed based on an architecture that assesses your learning regularly. We also share feedback in real-time about the topics that require improvement.


We begin with an overall study plan that maps out goals and milestones while adapting to your individual learning style.

What You Will Get from Our GMAT Classes?

  • Our faculties are experienced and highly qualified and they continue to inspire you.
  • We teach you the latest fundamentals of English Grammar and Mathematics.
  • We go through explanations and understanding of each problem and its solutions.
  • We ensure that each strategy, methodology, and technology that we use at classroom sessions are polished timely so that we could build speed and offer efficient study programs.
  • We make sure that all our test taking strategies are well planned and developed regularly to yield top results.
  • Our study programs are planned to provide end-to-end preparation for the GMAT Test.

Features of Our CLASROOM Online

Live and Interactive Sessions

We offer live sessions of 180 minutes each.

Get Taught by Only the Best

Our classroom sessions are delivered by highly competent teachers/professors.

Personalized Attention and Guidance

Our teachers make sure that you are attended personally. They work with you whilst problem solving and achieving target scores. We also arrange for one-to-one diagnostic counselling sessions.

Student Information System

We record each lecture and make it available for students on Information System. Candidates are given access to various learning tools and study materials [in our library also] essential for your preparations.

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